Hottest Unopened Sports Card Boxes on eBay

Times have changed since kids walked to the corner store and grabbed a pack off the shelf, knowing there would be only one brand of trading cards to choose from.  These days, you can expect more than 15 different products for each sport issued throughout the year by the manufacturers.  The most watched sports card boxes can change at a 2014 Bowman Football boxmoment’s notice as word spreads about which products are offering the best cards for the money.

Sometimes it’s the $300-500 per pack boxes that rank among the hottest trading cards, but other times collectors gravitate toward products they can afford that still surrender a few solid hits or have a great autograph checklist.  The annual Topps baseball flagship sets are always popular, just as they’ve been since 1952.  However, some newer programs like Panini Immaculate Basketball or Upper Deck The Cup Hockey are in the watchful eyes of collectors who like to chase autographed patch cards and are willing to spend good money to do it.

vintage boxesThe amount of cases produced also plays a big role in the value of any sports card box.  The fewer there are, the more perceived value there is for any box as long as what’s inside measures up.

However, the exploding vintage unopened market means old, unopened boxes are hot, too.

Below is a real time list of the most watched sports card boxes on eBay. Bookmark this page to refer to it often.




2003-04 Upper Deck Finite Sealed Unopened Basketball Box LeBron RC Year
11 bids - Price: $107.50 - Watchers: 34
Item # 382305841798
2007-08 Topps Chrome Factory Sealed Unopened Hobby Box Kevin Durant RC YR
15 bids - Price: $359.00 - Watchers: 30
Item # 382304786288



1986 Topps FB Unopened Cello Box 24 Packs Steve Young Jerry Rice RC, BBCE (PWCC)
18 bids - Price: $1,050.00 - Watchers: 28
Item # 401456897902



1976-77 Topps Hockey Unopened Wax Pack Box w/ 36 Packs
17 bids - Price: $281.00 - Watchers: 22
Item # 362186281998
Lot (3) 1996-97 Upper Deck SPx Premier Hockey Sealed Unopened Box
2 bids - Price: $1.04 - Watchers: 8
Item # 372165884571